Chicken Breast

Sea Salt

Black Pepper

Olive Oil 


Fresh Thyme/Rosemary

A Large Clay Flowerpot (To cover the chicken and trap smoke)


1- Wash and pat dry on kitchen paper as many Chicken Breasts as needed

2- Brush with a mix of Olive Oil and melted Butter


3- Sprinkle with Sea Salt and fresh Black Pepper

4- Take off the grill and add a bit more charcoal to get things nice and hot

5- Take a really big handful of Fresh Thyme/Rosemary, give it a quick soak in cold water, shake well, then place straight on top of the hot charcoal.

6- Quickly put the grill and Chicken back on and cover with a Large Clay Flowerpot big enough to cover all the meat and trap that lovely smoke!

7- Use a metal poker or strong bamboo cane to stick in the pot-hole for removing the very hot flower pot after smoking for desired time

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